It finally came. THE workout I’ve been waiting for.


It’s an Intense Cardio Conditioning Program that uses High Intensity Interval Training to achieve maximum results.

It burns 9x more fat than a regular cardio does!

I am so excited.  I’m actually taking a step towards a better body AND healthier self!

Tomorrow, Monday, January 9, I will start the program.  What’s really cool is that a nephew and a friend of mine will be starting it with me! And my husband and another friend are starting a (different) program on the same day too!

Workout buddies!!!

I love workout buddies because it helps me be more accountable for my workout days and prevents me from slacking off.  I can’t make excuses to myself because there are others who I’ll have to make excuses to also…..and that would be embarassing.  Right?  Instead of being a source of support and motivation, I wimp out? Not gonna happen!

For extra fun and challenge…we’ve decided to do our own “Biggest Loser” (money involved) game!  I gotta win!

So later today, I’ll be doing some “before” measurements and photos which I’m not looking forward toso that I can easily track my progress.

Woohoo! Did I say I was excited yet? ;-)

How about you?  Have you started on a workout program (or started going to the gym) this new year?


Then what other excuse are you waiting for?  JOIN ME!

I’m sure you won’t regret it….  :-D

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