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As most of you know, I have recently begun a workout program.  It is part of my journey to become Fit After 9 months of pregnancy (again).

Moms out there know that having a balloon for a tummy for 9 months does not do wonders on one’s abs.  And growing a human being inside of you requires more calorie consumption than normal.

The sad part is that even after the baby comes out, the “baby fat” stays in!

That left over pooch, thunder thighs, muffin top, love handles, arm wings, and chubby cheeks are hard to get rid of!

So to get into my jeans (properly without hopping, sucking it in, or squirming), I did three things :

1.  Started Turbo Fire – an at-home, intense, cardio conditioning fitness program that’s supposed to burn 9x more fat than a regular cardio does!

2.  Downloaded an app called “My Fitness Pal” – it helps me keep track of the food I eat and calories I consume each day.  I have a daily maximum and try to stay under that count.  It even factors in any exercise I do in the day! (I will do a separate review of this app later.)

3.  Bought a heart rate monitor / calories burned watch – I wanted to more accurately log in (to My Fitness Pal) the calories I burned after each workout.  The Polar FT7 watch helps me do just that….and more!

Why I love my Polar FT7 Women’s Watch:

1.  Keeps accurate heart rate count during workouts.  If you’re serious about fitness, you have to keep track of your heart rate.  Reaching a target maximum beats per minute (bpm) will get you better results, faster.  Find out what your Max bpm should be for your age, gender, height, and weight, then reach for it every time!

2. Displays the number of calories you’re burning as you workout.This is my favorite feature because it is so rewarding to see those numbers go up. Every time I glance at it, it makes me want to push myself harder so I can burn even more! At the end of the workout, the number I see always gives me a smile on my face because I know I did my best and the hard work was worth it.

3. It functions as a regular watch. Yup. It’s not just for workout sessions. I can wear it all day too. I like that.

4. Waterproof. You guessed it. You can swim with it! If your choice of fitness is swimming laps in the pool, you can use this too. Nice, right?

5. Lockable buttons. This feature is just so darn handy. I can go to.sleep with my watch on and not worry about any of the settings being changed because of buttons being accidentally pushed. Even while doing regular, everyday things, I can rest assured my wrist won’t press those buttons!

6.  User changeable batteries.  This means that I don’t have to order (expensive) special batterries or send the watch back to the manufacturer to get the batteries replaced.  I can just go my local watch store to get it done.  Easy peasy and cheapy!

So, have I convinced you get a Polar FT7 watch too?  I hope so.  If not, at least get a similar product because I think that it’s an invaluable tool to help anyone reach their fitness goals.  It keeps you motivated and gives you a sense of accomplishment after every workout.  Makes you want to do more!

Have you recently bought a gadget to help you with your fitness goals too?  I’d love to hear about it!

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