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Well, it’s been a month since I gave birth.  Time to get fit again – so I can fit into those darn jeans and cute tops I love so much!

This 6 week program ought to get me ready for some serious fat burning later in Turbo Fire.

Right now though, I’m pretty exhausted after doing just 25 minutes of the “Start It Up” phase.

  • My arms burned during the routines and I had to constantly put them down to my hips instead.
  • I couldn’t lift up my legs that high.
  • My push-ups were pretty sorry-looking.
  • I couldn’t breathe after 5 minutes.
  • My reps were few and slow.
BUT…it was totally worth it.  All those difficulties are just signs that I’m on the right track.  {Enter cliche: No pain, no gain!}
Good warm-up though.  Not bad after 9 months of pregnancy.  I hope tomorrow will be better…

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