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Ah! “Ramp It Up” phase was hard!  45 minutes of pushing myself…

My arms still struggled to stay up and I couldn’t do the moves as quickly as Debbie.  There were even times I had to stop and just march because I was so tired.

Thinking back to last year when I was doing ChaLean Extreme and P90X, I’m feeling so darn wimpy.  I could hardly do regular push-ups earlier.  Even the side kicks were hard – and those were my some of my faves in P90X!

I’m thinking that I’m going to have to really push myself from now on.  I’ve got 3 kids who keep me running around all day long, then I workout at night.  I’m tired even before I start!

But no excuses.

Besides, ironically, more energy is a supposed result from exercise.  And I definitely need more energynowadays…

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