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SLIM IN 6: DAY 34 & 35

Day 34

So yesterday I was at Disneyland all day.  If you’ve been there recently, you can imagine how tiring it is to be there with 3 kids n- no matter how many other adults went with you.  Right?  So today, I didn’t do my workout.  Oh!  Every muscle just seemed to hurt.  My feet, I could barely walk on them.  Going up and the stairs was killer.  And my arms has just enough strength to lift up my baby.  Am I making excuses?  Maybe.  But I sure am tired!

Day 35

Ok.  To make up for yesterday, instead of a rest day, I worked out.  However, I took it easy on myself and did the Start It Up! dvd instead of Burn It Up! so I wouldn’t die.  Good choice for me.  I’m still alive!


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