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SLIM IN 6: DAY 6, 7, AND 8

Three days.  Yep.  I’ve got some excuses.

Are you ready to hear them?


Day 6

Saturday evening at my parent’s house.  There was a Blu-Ray (Netflix) movie that came in the mail and we HAD to watch it because it would be a waste of money to just let it sit there for days without being watched…  (The movie was Megamind – which was actually funnier than I thought it would be.)  PLUS, I decided that I was going to switch my Sunday Rest Day for that day.  That was the plan anyway…

Day 7

Note to self:  Babies don’t care about the plans you make because their needs come first!  Can you guess what happened?  Yep.  CJ Munchkin picked that night to take more than 2 hours to be put to sleep.  I fed him a million times, rocked him until my arms burned from carrying him, changed his diaper, burped him, practically danced around the room with him until my legs were wobbly like noodles, and wrapped him like a burrito –  still, every time I set him down, he would holler like the end was near.  Did I mention I had to hold my pee forever?  Well I did.  And after that fiasco, I was waaaaay too tired to do anything but lie down.  I figured that feat was close to being equivalent to a workout, so I didn’t get on the SlimIn6.  (Was that convincing enough?)

Day 8

Back to some normalcy!  The munchkin went to sleep as planned and I was able to workout today!  And what happened just as I was finishing my workout?  The munchkin started crying loud enough for the neighbors to know he was due for another feeding.  No worries though, I was done anyway.  It felt kind of good.  I had a little headache before the workout, but it went away during and afterwards.  Also, instead of water today, I drank the P90X Results and Recovery Formula during my workout.  I had used it before when I did P90X so I know it works.  It actually helps me to NOT FEEL (that) SORE the next day.  It tasted good too – orange flavor.  I think I’ll start drinking it everyday I workout.

As for the workout itself, still was not as good as I hoped I would be.  But I guess one week (minus the days I missed), wasn’t really going to make me an expert right away.  Push-ups are getting better though.  The ab workouts still kill me and my arms burn like crazy in the beginning of the workout.  Instead of using the bands, I used 5 pound dumbbells.  I think I like them better – no fear of getting snapped by the strings and I can easily keep track of my progress as I increase the weight.

I guess I have one goal this week.  To NOT MISS ANY WORKOUT day no matter what!  (Well, except if there was an emergency…)

Wish me luck!  Or better yet, Join Me and push me to keep going!

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