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SLIM IN 6: DAYS 25 – 33

And so my fitness journey continues.  It has been hard, mostly because I kept getting lazier each day…

But no more worries!  I got me a workout buddy to motivate me (and harangue me, out of love) when I try to wimp out of my workouts!  I’m pretty sure I’ve been losing weight, if not at least inches off everywhere because with some effort, I can squueze myself into some of my pre-pregnancy jeans!  Hooray!

Anyway, my goal for this Slim In 6 program is not to lose everything and get all, bam, super sexy in 6 weeks because that’s unrealistic.  I just want to get in shape to start my next extreme program called Turbo Fire – just the name scares me, but at least it sounds intense enough to work.  😉

So, on with the journals…

Day 25

Still in this Burn It Up! phase.  And I’m still burning every muscle, thank you very much.  Especially the floor workouts.  How in the world do they keep their legs up that long without dying?  I had put my legs down and stretch my muscles midway because it hurt so much.  I wonder when I’ll be able to go through this part without touching the ground?

Day 26

Felt sick.  Did not workout.  I think this is a valid excuse, yes?

Day 27

Burn, baby, burn!  Not fully recuperated from yesterday, but had to workout.  I couldn’t let myself get stuck in a rut.

Day 28

Rest day.

Day 29

I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t work out this day.  Maybe I watched another movie like I did onDay 6?  (I’m so ashamed..)

Day 30, 31, 32

Sometimes, I feel like I’m totally done with this program.  But, luckily, I keep my goal in mind and push myself to keep going.  And with the end of my 6 weeks in sight, it’s  a little easier everyday to make myself workout.  And like I said before, my workout buddy is a big help in keeping me on track too.  My husband’s support, of course, is important too.  I’m thankful he doesn’t nag me, but gives just enough encouragement to get me off my butt.

Day 33

Went to Disneyland.  I walked.  And walked.  And walked.  I have a newfound respect for people who do power-walking or walking for miles as exercise.  It’s more tiring than it looks.  I mean, I did have a 2 month old strapped onto me half the time, but still, walking all day was hard.  My calves and my feet were pretty sore in the end.  And just to give you an idea how much we walked – we didn’t ride the tram to or from the parking lot.  Yep, it was like that.  =)

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