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Fifteen days of not writing in my daily journal!  Has life really got me that busy or I’ve just been really lazy with this whole journal thing?  (Don’t answer that.)  Well, the important thing is that I was working out even though I wasn’t writing about it afterwards.  So here’s a summary of what I’ve been through lately.

Day 9 – 13


Last days of Ramp It Up phase.  Not too bad since I pretty much followed along pretty well with the trainer’s rhythm.  Not tiring as much, so I was looking forward to the next phase – which should be harder!


Day 14

Rest day.

Day 15

I missed this workout.  Yep.  I didn’t workout.  I can’t remember why but that’s just as well.  At least I won’t have to justify to myself why I missed a workout.  =(

Day 16 – 20

First week of Burn It Up phase!  It’s killed me!  No wonder it’s called burn.  Every muscle I used for the workouts started to burn – and imagining the fat melting away was the only thing that kept me going.  I wanted to stop after every rep, but I didn’t want to be a quitter!  I think I definitely pushed myself alot in this week.


Day 21

Rest day.  (Thank goodness!)

Day 22

I felt sick this day and needed rest.  I think I actually went to bed at 9:00 p.m. this day!  I had a good reason to miss this workout.


Day 23

Back to burning muscles and burning calories.  It was a good workout, but not the best.  I had to take some breaks because I kept getting tired.  I wasn’t too happy with this one.


Day 24

On the ball again!  Today was great – especially since I had a workout buddy working out at the same time with me (she was at her house though).  It was pretty fun.  Knowing that she was working out at the same time made me keep up with mine eventhough I wanted to wimp out a couple of times.  Buddy workouts are pretty awesome!

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