The Mastermind of Mommy’s Lounge is Janice.

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I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids, homeschooler, poet, & digiscrapper.  When I’m not running around like a headless chicken, I can be found either reading, blogging, or sleeping.  On special occasions, I take showers and do my hair.  When the kids aren’t looking, I eat ice cream & chocolate.  My morning cup of coffee is my fuel for the day.  When my husband is home, I chuck the kids at him as much as possible to sneak in a chocolate break or two.

Before my world shrunk to the confines of 4 walls, I was a full-time Teacher for 5 years (adding Vice Principal in addition to Teacher in the last year).  I taught grades 2 and 4, and middle school Math & Science.  Preceding this not-paid-well-enough job was a 5 year stint as a Hospital Phlebotomist (read: I was a glorified vampire) while going through college and graduate school.

Through this blog, I hope to connect with other moms and find out that my family and I are perfectly normal (or abnormal) people.  I also want to help other moms find out just how beautiful motherhood can be by offering support, writing about my own misadventures, and offering other motherly tidbits along the way.


Nicknames have been given to protect the not-so-innocent.

I’ve been married for 8 years and I couldn’t ask for a better life.  Coming from a 3rd world country, everything I have now is a luxury.  I thank my husband, The Hubs (or “Ba” to the kids), for all that I have in my life – including God.  Without him, I never would have grown in my faith and love of the Lord.  Secondly, I thank him for giving me three children and helping me grow a beautiful, loving, and faith-filled family.  Finally, as I stay home with the children, I am grateful for all the times he is given the opportunity to go to work, when most people are unemployed or barely getting by, to provide for all our needs and wants.

Eldest or Ate
(pronounced “Ah-teh”)
 is the first of everything for me.  She gave me the most wonderful feelings of joy in being a first-time mother.  Many of my first experiences were with her.  I’ve learned a lot about myself when she came into the world.  And still, everyday, I find out more.  She is a precocious and unique little girl who talks too much.  I see a lot of myself and my husband in her, which scares me and makes life a little more difficult at times.  But I wouldn’t change her one bit.  God must have a reason for giving me such a feisty daughter.  I definitely think it’s so I can work on my humility and patience…

The Toddler or Ditse (pronounced “Dee-cheh”) is an interesting part of our family.  She is a playful toddler who shows us everyday how wonderful it is to be alive.  Through her, we remember the innocence of childhood.  And through her, our faults are magnified.  She loves to copy Penelope Chard and do everything she does, good or bad.  She is growing into her own person with her own likes and dislikes – at times even getting bossy.  We all live for her hugs and kisses because she is just so cute!  And we wouldn’t trade her for anything or anyone else in the world.

CJ or Bunso (pronounced “boon-soh”) is the newest addition to our family.  Everyday, he shows us a little more about himself and we just can’t get enough of his cuteness.  His sisters adore him and wish that they could hold him all day long.  He is as active and curious as a boy can get.  And he’s only one years old!  He definitely keeps us on our toes all the time.  We never know what he’ll do next.  I suppose you could say that he’s even more of a wild card than his Ditse. ;)