If you’ve been visiting me lately, you’ll know that I’m sort of in a cleaning mode right now.  And to help with my organization challenges, I’ve been visiting IKEA all week – in store and online. One place that seriously needed some work was, well, my “work” area.  Check it out: The heavy duty table […]


Rory at Time Out For Mom has a Coffee Chat every Tuesday.  I do believe this is my first time joining in.  This week’s topic is “Random.” Easy enough.  I just spew whatever comes to mind then.  So if ya don’t wanna stay, you may be excused – provided you come back tomorrow cuz it’ll […]

5 Best Toddler and Preschool Apps

I love me my Kindle devices, but for my preschool-aged daughter, I have her use a Nook Color because I think it has a much simpler interface for little ones to use. As for my 8 year old’s Nook Color, I manually converted it into an Android Tablet without rooting (because I wasn’t about to dish