A Look Back

Once upon a time… …on June 28th of year 2012, to be in exact… …I looked “not half bad” in this Hello Kitty t-shirt. Let’s just say that you wouldn’t catch me dead or alive posting a pic of me now in that shirt. The moral of the story? Don’t eat rice every day of […]

Transforming My Body

It’s been half a month and I’m still here.  Pushin’ it like mad.  I’m not revealing any numbers yet until I’ve survived at least the 1st month, but I can tell you that I DO feel stronger and faster.  If you scroll to the last pic, you’ll see that after 2 weeks, there’s definitely a […]

Photo Project – Getting To Know My DSLR (Again)

A long time ago, I used my little red Canon Powershot to take everyday photos. Then I got a Canon EOS DSLR and the world was just so much crisper and sharper. But then…I got my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and well… if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you’d know that’s pretty […]

3 Going On 30

She just really cracks me up.  I told her we were going to the mall so I needed her to get ready.  I picked her shirt and pants, and told her to put her boots on and wait for me downstairs… She came in to my room looking like this!  SO CUTE! Do you notice […]

Bathtub Fun

Sorry for the two copyright logos.  I’m experimenting to see which one is better.  Which one do you think I should use? Anywho, this is CJ – my almost 2 year old, who for the first time ever, was able to climb into the master tub without any help.  Yikes!  Right?  I’ll have to keep […]